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The Labogene product family consists of different applications. Here we present you the most popular Labogene class 2 workbenches. In addition to the clean room workbenches and sterile workbenches listed here, our partner Labogene also offers customised solutions.

The various models offer personal and/or product protection when working in cleanrooms. Typical applications are found in the life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Safety cabinets, laminar flow solutions, freeze drying systems

LMS is responsible for the Germany-wide distribution of Labogene products. This includes ScanLaf safety cabinets and ScanVac freeze-drying systems. 

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Your safety cabinet from Labogene

Mars Pro safety cabinet

Safety workbench with HEPA triple filter and double air filtration. Filter changes of the primary HEPA filters under the worktop are possible. Specially designed for handling cytotoxins and viruses.

  • HEPA triple filter system
  • Filtration of 99.9999999 % of all particles with a size of 0.3 micrometres
  • Low noise level with 37* dBa
  • No decontamination necessary thanks to safety exchange filter

All information can be found in the Mars Pro brochure


Mars safety cabinet

Microbiological safety cabinets Class 2.

  • HEPA double filter system
  • Filtration of 99.999% of all particles with a size of 0.3 micrometres
  • Low noise level with 43* dBa
  • Programme option for decontamination

Safety Cabinet: The Labogene Mars models

Low-noise safety cabinet

Thanks to its low-noise design, the Mars model safety cabinet is one of the quietest safety cabinets available. The noise level is between 37 and 60 dB(A), depending on working conditions.

The main advantages of the Mars safety cabinet

  • Sophisticated aerodynamic interior design
  • Precise digital monitoring
  • Continous monitoring of the operating status

Living up to the name: Maximum safety with the Safety Cabinet

  • Permanent monitoring of the down flow and exhaust air fans by sensors to ensure permanently safe working conditions
  • Visual and acoustic alarm in case of critical change or interruption of the air flow
  • V-shaped, angled front air slots for a pleasant working position. They also prevent the air flow from being impaired by improper placement of work material inside the chamber
  • Digital control and operation
  • Low operating temperature and heat generation
  • Energy-saving blower with three fans 
  • 11 cm thick HEPA filters for low pressure drop
  • Optional automatic on/off function only sets the unit to full operation when in use 

Safe energy with the Mars safety cabinet

Save up to 80% energy! 

The Mars safety cabinet uses the latest energy-saving fans. Less energy consumption means less heat generation, both inside the chamber and in the laboratory environment. This reduces the total cost of energy and air conditioning.  

ScanVac Freeze drying systems

ScanVac, the name embodies the best in freeze drying and vacuum concentration equipment for laboratory, research and pilot plant applications.

More about the Labogene freeze dryers

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