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Since 1956 – for more than 60 years – HERMLE centrifuges have been delivered to customers all over the world. An extensive range of different rotors is available for all models. All units are equipped with microprocessor control and maintenance-free induction drive as well as CFC-free cooling.

Centrifuges from A-Z: small centrifuges, microlitre centrifuges, universal centrifuges and more

Centrifuges for the Hermle laboratory

At Hermle you will find the right centrifuge, the optimum rotor and accessories for every requirement and every area of application. If the standard solutions do not include the optimum for your task, a new solution will be developed for you. The attractive design and intuitive user interface of the Hermle devices make them easy to use for everyone.

The right microlitre centrifuge for your application

The Hermle microlire centriguges are designed for centrifuging small volumes between 0.2 ml and 5 ml. The high G-forces of up to 21,600 xg are indispensable, especially for the extraction of DNA from various cells. The PCR method plays an important role here. For protecting against dangerous aerosols, some models offer hermetically sealed rotors. The field of application of microlitre centrifuges are research laboratories in biotechnology but also medical laboratories for the examination of human cells.

Small centrifuges for laboratories with limited space

As the name suggests, they are very small and very suitable for laboratories with limited space. These are mainly clinical laboratories where blood collection tubes are centrifuged and cell culture laboratories where conical 15/50 ml tubes are used. The G-forces of over 4400 xg are very well suited for these applications. In addition to the small footprint, the small centrifuges are characterised by simple operation and a pleasantly quiet running behaviour.

They offer a wide range of products: The Hermle universal centrifuges

The universal centrifuges can be used in almost any area. This is made possible by the large number of different angle and swing-out rotors. Accordingly, these models have automatic rotor recognition, so that each rotor can only be operated with its specific parameters.

The various models differ from each other mainly in size. The larger the centrifuge, the larger volumes and higher numbers of tubes can be centrifuged simultaneously. The cooled models have a high cooling capacity and thus protect temperature-sensitive samples from overheating. Of course, our (all) models offer protection for the user such as an automatic unbalance switch-off or the prevention of lid opening during centrifugation.