LMS | Laboratory and Medical Supplies


As a family-owned business, LMS has maintained its independence ever since it started out. As a result, we are bound only to our customers and ourselves. This is what has made us successful in the international laboratory market for 30 years.

2021LMS successfully completed the first project deal in Uskebisktan.
2020LMS is global partner of Eppendorf
2019As European logistics centre LMS Consult takes over the distribution for Bel-Art
2017Second expansion phase at the Brigachtal site: expansion of office space and warehouse
LMS Consult is jersey sponsor of the Wiha Panthers Schwenningen
2014March: LMS is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.
April: The new distribution center starts operation, and the LMS staff members move into the new offices.
Oktober: LMS Consult celebrates its 30th anniversary; by now the company has 24 employees.
2013Construction work for the new distribution center starts. A high-bay warehouse and an office complex are added.
2012The Dreieich branch is moved to Ginsheim-Gustavsburg near Mainz, and the expansion of the distribution center is planned.
2011Warehouse capacities are exhausted and an industrial tent with additional pallet spaces is put up on the company grounds as a temporary solution.
2008January: Change of the legal status of LMS Consult from a sole proprietorship to LMS Consult GmbH & Co. KG.
The first LMS delivery vehicle hits the road.
2007The Cologne office is established.
2006LMS moves into its own warehouse building at a second location in Brigachtal and for the first time ships through its own distribution system. Additional jobs are created.
2005Expansion of the company’s office capacity by establishing six new positions at the Brigachtal site.
2004LMS expands its activities in Germany and establishes its dealer business.
1999Dr. Frank Bauermeister joins the firm. A branch is founded in Dreieich, represented by Steffen Bauermeister.
1998Steffen Bauermeister joins the firm.
1986Move to Brigachtal—by now LMS supplies three major customers in Southeast Asia.
1984Christina Bauermeister registers LMS Consult in Wertheim as a sole proprietorship.