LMS equips the mobile corona test station CoVLAB with devices

LMS equips the mobile corona test station CoVLAB with devices

Freezers, refrigerators, centrifuges or even a blood collection chair – these are only some of the laboratory devices with which LMS has equipped the mobile corona test station CoVLAB. This is why a truck equipped by LMS is currently on its way across Baden-Württemberg.

What exactly is CoVLAB? CoVLAB is the innovative contribution of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation to the management of the Corona Pandemic. At the heart of the initiative is a mobile test laboratory that can be used on site at changing hot spots as required. These include, for example, old people’s and nursing homes or prisons. The idea of CoVLAB is to carry out series tests on staff and, if necessary, residents of these facilities in order to detect infections at an early stage and to be able to take countermeasures.

Samples are taken on site or in the immediate environment and then evaluated directly in the mobile test laboratory according to appropriate safety standards. Within one day, CoVLAB provides a medically reliable result as to whether the test person is infected.

Another special feature of the concept is the close link with pandemic research in Baden-Württemberg, because the samples taken and test results can – with the consent of the persons tested and in anonymised form – be transferred to medical biobanks and data archives and used for ongoing and upcoming studies. In this way, CoVLAB provides valuable support in limiting current infection and preventing future pandemics.

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