LMS is Gold Sponsor of the Wiha Panters

LMS is Gold Sponsor of the Wiha Panters

The current Panthers jersey with the LMS logo

LMS is entering its 3rd season with the Schwenningen basketball team, the Panthers.
Since 2016, LMS has been sponsoring the Panthers to promote basketball in the region and to support the ambitious project of the Villingen-Schwenningen basketball club.

After 2 seasons in the regional league and promotion in spring 2018, the Panthers have been playing for the championship in the 2nd league ProB since 22nd September. Shortly before the start of the season, LMS hosted the Panthers’ press conference. On September 6th, coach Alen Velcic presented his newly formed team to the press and many interested parties in the rooms of LMS.

LMS also provided the backdrop for the official team photos and player portraits of the Panthers. In the LMS logistics centre, a good 2. 5 hours were spent setting up, rehearsing and forming, moving and aligning until sports photographer Michael Kienzler had all the photos in the box. LMS wishes the Panthers many spectacular games and much success for the 2018/2019 season.

The Panthers team with trainers in the LMS camp